Dubai Salalah Cargo Service

Dubai Salalah Cargo Service

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Do you have cargo that needs to be transported from Dubai to Salalah?

Best cargo service in dubai

You’ve come to the right place! Dubai Salalah Cargo Service is a door to door cargo service with a reputation for providing dependable and cost-effective service. Cargo is going daily from Dubai to Salalah by road. Salalah Cargo is one of the best cargo service in Dubai to Salalah.

We offer door to door cargo services to customers in Dubai State, the United Arab Emirates, and beyond. Our services are cost-effective and dependable. We likewise offer collection of cargo from the shipper in Dubai and other emirates of UAE and packaging services.

Our parent company, Navire Logistics, set up this venture to provide daily cargo service to the city of Salalah in the Sultanate of Oman. We collect cargo every day from customers in Dubai State and other emirates in the UAE, package it securely as required, and deliver it safely via road.

We have an experienced and professional team who ensures your cargo is handled with care.


Have you been on the hunt for trustworthy and cost-effective door to door Cargo Services? We’re here to help!

At Salalah Cargo Service, we’re the best Cargo Service providers in Dubai and we offer hаsslе-frее delivery of your valuable goods with no secret charges to clients who need their goods shipped easily. Our services are cost-effective, so you don’t have to stress over your spending limit.

We work with the most developed innovation accessible to guarantee that clients get the exact following of their goods in time and with good care. We do our best to be the first option for our clients.

Quick and Scheduled

We’re fast. We offer quick and time-effective assistance to our clients when they are shipping their cargo from Dubai to Salalah or Oman. We provide efficient services to our customers. Our clients can also avail of warehousing services, which are offered by us at a reasonable price.

When you work with us, you can rest assured that your package will get to where it needs to be—quickly. All we need is one call from you, and we’ll take care of the rest. We will deliver goods to the right destination on time at the consignee door.

Flexible Services

Our product delivery service includes the pickup of your consignment from any point inside the country where we have our offices. From that point, we will transport it to the nation you need it to be delivered. Here we have a group of experts who have awesome information about documentation and customs traditions.

With this product delivery service, you don’t need to stress over the amount you’ll pay for transportation or the number of things you need to send. We have deliberately structured our bundles so they are adaptable.

For instance, if you are sending full load cargo, partial load, or small portion, then you’ll profit by lower charges and better security depending on the weight and size of the cargo. Then again, if you are conveying heavy equipment’s, building material, food, and non-food cargo shipment then our transporter will give better protection against any harm during travel.

At Dubai Salalah Cargo, we offer flexible services for Partial Load or Full load Cargo. We can assist you with customs clearance, VAT Refund Services, etc.

Best Customer Care Service

At Dubai Salalah Cargo Services, we offer you the best customer service at the source (Dubai) and destination (Salalah)—that’s why we have our own office and warehouse at both locations.

Not only do we offer you the lowest prices on our cargo services, but we also provide a complete range of services. You can count on us to pick up your packages from your suppliers, load them onto the cargo ship in Dubai, transport them to Salalah, and then handle delivery and clearing of the shipments through customs.


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