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Security Policy

We, at Salalah Cargo, we’re determined to protect your privacy while using our website or blog or web-based query. Our security strategy is designed as a way to better serve those concerned about the way their Personal identifiable information is used online.

We promise our visitors to be aware of all the nuances they used on our site. If you’re making a request or registering on our website at that time, you’ll be asked to input your name, email address, your portable numbers, Visa and platinum number in order to get all the most accurate information.

With the aid in the form of information, we offer assistance to you in your journey however the majority of people who don’t use these data, are scared about the potential for extending their own nuances. As you study our protection policy and then know that all the little details that we’re seeking when you sign up on in our website are protected that you are aware of. It’s impossible for anyone who is not familiar with the subtleties of your own.

In all likelihood, it happens every now and then when we learn regarding your own personal information; we get all the information when you submit an enquiry, complete any form, and then open an assistance ticket or input information on our website.

We consider your security is a must. There are several reasons we require specific information. Today, everyone is using the internet to do their job, which is why it is essential to sign up when downloading our applications or pamphlets. You can also identify an investigation and display correspondence, and browse the site. It is possible to use the additional services we provide our clients.

We use the particularities of our clients to tailor our understanding of the client and, most importantly is that it allows us to provide everyone with the information you’re looking for and are interested in the flow and ebb content. The second aspect is to revamp our website in order that we are better assist you. Furthermore, the third hallmark is to handle your transactions at a rapid rate.

Through each of these tips you will find information on the audits and assessments of the services we provide you. It allows us to make improvements to our services on the website.

We make sure that you are protected by your privacy and safety. One of the most important things we have done is review the regular schedule for the security gaps and discovered vulnerabilities that could ensure that your visit to our website more secure than could be expected under the conditions We also use regular malware testing.

When you register on our site We provide all information about our security strategy in order to be compliant with the law, apply our strategies for the site and protect our own privileges or those of others’ security or property. We guarantee that your personal security information will not be disclosed to any outside entities or organizations through our management. It is also important to remember that we will never allow a third-party to follow a social network.

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